Andrea Motis / Joan Chamorro


Feeling Good

Andrea Motis, with mentor and bandleader Joan Chamorro, is something of a rising star in her native Spain. Videos of the teenager performing in concert halls have amassed hundreds of thousands of views on You Tube, due to a combination of exquisite voice and incredible virtuosity on both trumpet and saxophone.

A product of Barcelona’s renowned Sant Andreu Jazz Band, which is made up of children and teenagers, Motis’ exceptional ability as a singer, trumpeter and saxophonist has set her apart from her peers.

When Motis was 14, Chamorro recorded an album Joan Chamorro Presenta Andrea Motis, to showcase her prodigious talents to the competitive Barcelona jazz scene.

It gave Motis the opportunity to play for the first time with renown musicians like Ignasi Terraza, Josep Traver, Eseve Pi, Dani Alonso and the late American clarinetist Bobby Gordon, who passed away earlier this year and is best-known for his Arbors recordings and for his association with Marty Grosz.

Two years ago, Motis and Chamorro teamed up again to put together Feeling Good, an album of live recordings from various concerts in Barcelona, and the marked development of Motis’ musicianship is quite astounding.

Her mature approach to interpreting classic standards belies her age and she has displayed virtuosity on the trumpet and saxophone, previously unseen, where all of her solos are entirely hers.

Released, however, to little fanfare in Spain, the story of a 16 year-old trumpet-playing, saxophone-wielding virtuoso with a voice like Norah Jones has gradually captured the imagination of the public and critics alike.

Since then, the partnership of Motis and Chamorro has gone from strength to strength, and they have toured extensively throughout Europe and South America: Feeling Good is released in the UK in September 2014.



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