Michael Wollny Trio

It all began in 2004, when someone gave Siggi Loch, ACT President and founder, a home-burned CD at the Jazz Baltica in Salzau: he didn’t get to listen to it for a while, but when he did, it immediately got his discovery synapses sparking.

Although ACT was already endowed with an abundance of keyboard stars – Esbjörn Svensson, Joachim Kühn, Richie Beirach – the music on the CD just wouldn’t leave Loch’s head. After a few months, Michael Wollny and his comrades-in-arms Eva Kruse and Eric Schaefer became ACT artists.
Wollny’s discovery proved to be a godsend, not only for ACT but for German jazz as a whole. His electrifying vitality, intellectual curiosity, technical brilliance and total, unequivocal devotion showed itself in varying constellations. When the musically complex and highly ambitious idea of Wunderkammer arose (with the classical harpsichordist Tamar Halperin), Wollny didn’t talk it to death, he just did it.

Wollny’s album Weltentraum not only garnered more acknowledgement from the national and international critics and four stars in the legendary US magazine Downbeat, it was also a commercial breakthrough.

In front of a massive audience, the trio once again took its music to new heights, and this CD captures the special atmosphere of the Chamber Music Hall of the Berlin Philharmonie: Wollny  on piano, together with his congenial partners Tim Lefebvre on bass and Eric Schaefer on drums, get the house jumping.


One thought on “Michael Wollny Trio

  1. Thanks for sharing! Your post has made me wanting to get this record immediately! As I normally don’t download Jazz records via iTunes, I will have to wait a bit until I get to my record store.

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