Noemi Nuti


Nice To Meet You

She’s your typical London girl – born in New York of Italian parents, living in London, sings in five languages, including English, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese and now Noemi Nuti has recorded her first album, Nice to Meet You, as part of a sextet with highly respected artists on the British jazz circuit.

She is a known jazz and Brazilian singer with considerable musical training, has toured with artists of varied nationalities, and has appeared at premier UK jazz venues and in Brazil.

Nice to Meet You is a warm yet joyful acoustic album, where Noemi’s natural and honest approach invites the music to speak for itself, while creating a genuine connection with the listener who is taken on a journey into varied musical spaces.

The album includes original material  highly influenced by Brazilian music, especially in its rhythmic roots. It also includes several arrangements of Brazilian standards, sung in the native language: Dança da Solidao by Paulinho da Viola (for vocals and percussion), and Doralice by Dorival Caymmi (recorded by many artists, including Stan Getz and Gretchen Parlato).

Having spent years exploring Brazilian music, Noemi’s compositions echo the Latin American and folk songwriting tradition of verse-chorus. The melodies and lyrics explore the intimate inner world of her personal imagination, inspired by her observations of every day life.

Influenced by the poetic lyrics of Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon and great English songwriters, Noemi has written four songs in collaboration with award-winning British pianist/composer Andrew McCormack. These compositions capture unique song form structures and simple melodies, while rooted in contemporary jazz music.

The album is co-produced by the jazz trumpet master Quentin Collins, who is featured on the album that captures his intelligent and distinctive sound. The band consists of a number of exceptionally gifted musicians: drummer Enzo Zirilli’s experience, pianist Chris Eldred’s phrasing, guitarist Filipe Monteiro’s Brazilian roots and Tim Thornton’s solid base lines combine to create the spark for igniting a thoroughly enjoyable audio experience.

McCormack, highly acclaimed UK pianist, is a guest on several tracks. The end result is an immensely colourful rainbow that so richly contributes to the ever-developing UK jazz scene.

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