Jonne Taavitsainen Threedom


Leap of Faith

The sound landscape of Leap of Faith is akin to driving long distance on your own, but not being alone.

Mood, therefore, is pervasive. Some might describe Leap of Faith as having something of the night about it: the effect after repeat listening can be somnolent.

The ten tracks are indisputably hypnotic, impossible to package for popular consumption by lazy or inappropriate metaphors.

Consider Sam River’s Beatrice: all gravitational forces are switched off, all preconceptions are redundant, Joonas Tuuri’s bass pulsates with repetitive beat.

The classical ostinato is repetition within a rhythmic wattle, but Jonne Taavitsainen’s drums and Joel Parvamo’s guitar look to development.

This is the epitome of Leap of Faith’s commitment to an unsettling sonic space, devoid of an endless stream of notes, but leaving the attic door ajar for darkness to descend.

Throughout, the magnetic New Page, the hypnotic Falling and the spatial Home reflect the layered essence of each: essential to the group’s sound is the tightest integration of bluesy guitar and the congenial rhythm section of segued bass and drums.

The Jonne Taavitsainen Threedom is a fusion of varied influences but with a distinct interpretation, which to many will resemble early Erik Truffaz, with a splash of the ambient.

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